Root canal treatment


In our office the youngest patients are welcome. We do our best to make children feel good when visiting a dentist. We propose to our young patients:

     Adaptation visits

  •  Fillings for milk teeth

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  • The care for oral health at the developmental age is decreasing in the future. When visiting our office you can really protect your dentition. In addition, costs incurred in prevention are incomparably lower than the costs of possible treatment.

    Pediatric dentistry, also called pedodontics, is a comprehensive protection of our teeth. Our dental care program is designed not only to treat teeth, but also to prevent, teach and wash teeth. You will not find an adaptation visit in our price list. We treat young patients as very important guests from whom we do not charge for establishing relationships. Nevertheless, this first visit to the office is very important. During the course the doctor introduces the child into the secrets of the dental office. Our priority is to care for the comfort and safety of small patients. Our babies Are covered by the dental care program. It provides a free review every six months and a guaranteed 24 hour reception (not for weekends and holidays) in case of pain.