Implantology or implantoprostetics is the reconstruction of the dentition on implants.
Our office is working in the Swiss company Thommen.
This procedure is usually three-step:
Stage I implant implant into the bone. Typically, after 3 months, prosthetic restoration occurs.
With the help of implants we can recreate the absence of one tooth, several or even deficiencies. Implantology or implantopathy is a field of dentistry involved in the reconstruction of dental implants.

Our office is working in the Swiss company Thommen.

With implants we can reproduce both single and multiple tooth defects. The use of implants is also excellent in case of toothless. We perform the most complicated implantation procedures associated with bone reconstruction and raising the bottom of the sinus. Our implantological experience is supported by the knowledge gained at many courses and congresses in various academic centers around the world and serves the best treatment of our patients. Implant is a perfect reproduction of the natural function and aesthetics of the tooth. The use of implants guarantees every patient a beautiful smile, free speech and food comfort. Implants that only prevent irreversible bone loss that occurs after the removal of the teeth. We will change your smile today! Welcome!