Aesthetic dentistry

AESTHETIC DENTISTRATION This is a relatively new department of dentistry which has started to develop rapidly with increasing awareness of patients and the desire to have a beautiful smile. This field combines the knowledge and skills of several distinct areas of dentistry such as conservative dentistry, prosthetics or periodontics.

Modern aesthetic dentistry is not just the recovery of tooth defects, the change of color or shape of the tooth – it is the desire to achieve full harmony of smile.

In our study we perform:

  • Professional tooth cleaning including ultrasonic scaling and sandblasting with polishing
  • Correction of tooth shape and color using porcelain crowns on zirconium substrate and all-ceramic veneers
  • Nanocomposite cosmetic light-cured fillings of the latest generation
  • Closing the diastel.
  • Tooth and Teeth whitening with guaranteed effect
  • Bleaching of dead teeth.

    If you want to improve the tone or shape of your teeth, if you are not fully satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, just ask your doctor and we will work out the best solution together and present a comprehensive treatment plan. You’re welcome!